Vegan Cakes

Basic decorations may vary, based upon products on hand. Most cakes are covered w/a side of cake crumbs, if you want something specific or needs it to be per the description please inform us when making your order so we make sure we are able to accommodate the request

Black Forest** (available only during cherry season) – Made with fresh cherries frosted and layered with vegan whipped cream between layers of moist blackout chocolate cake (20% more)

Chocolate Strawberry – Made with fresh strawberries frosted and layered with vegan whipped cream between layers of moist blackout chocolate cake

Carrot Cake – This is an instant favorite with our carrot cake lovers. Layers of carrot cake made of fresh carrots, walnuts, raisins and our secret spices and covered and filled with a vegan whipped cream

Chocolate Decadence* – This simple cake is a must try for chocolate lovers, layer of rich creamy semi sweet chocolate mousse layered between layers of moist dark chocolate cake all covered with a pouring ganache makes for a heavenly cake.

Deep Chocolate – This cake is pure chocolate w/a hint of tartness from the raspberry preserve, it’s layers of blackout chocolate cake married with dark chocolate ganache, with a touch of raspberry preserves and glazed with a rich dark pouring ganache.

Guava Mousse* – Layers of sponge cake married with layer of Guava mousse and frosted with vegan whipped cream.

Mango Mousse* – Layers of white cake filled with mango mousse made with mango puree and frosted with vegan whipped cream.

Princess Cake (available in limited sizes, call for pricing) – White cake layered with whipped cream and raspberry preserve on one, whipped cream on another and covered with marzipan. This is a definite must try, very moist and decadent.

Raspberry Chocolate Cream – Moist layers of dark chocolate cake filled with a raspberry preserves, vegan vanilla whipped cream to give just a right combination of tartness and sweetness to complement the chocolate cake. This cake is then frosted with vegan vanilla whipped cream.

Seasonal Fruits and Cream – This cake is made of a moist white cake, vegan whipped cream, seasonal fresh fruits and a light whipped cream

Tropical Torte – White torte layered with pineapple, coconut flakes and vegan whipped cream and frosted with vanilla whipped cream and toasted coconut.


Listed price includes writing only.

Prices are subject to change without notice, please call us for the latest prices.

* 10% more

** 20% more

5" (2 layer) - $26 (3-4 people)

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6" round - $44.00 (4-10 people)

10" round - $102.00 (20-30 people)

1/3 sheet (elongated rectangle) - $110.00 (40 people)

3/4 sheet - $225.00 (60-80 people)

8" round - $58.00 (8-15 people)

1/4 sheet - $80.00 (20-30 people)

1/2 sheet  - $125.00 (50-60 people)

Full sheet - $300.00 (100 people)

Note on allergens: We strive to provide products for individual with certain dietary needs.  Despite taking precautions such as washing, sanitizing and segregating some of our equipment, we however can not guarantee that the product is completely free of all allergens since the products made here is in a facility that does contain dairy, eggs, nuts, wheat and other allergens.